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Jonathan Whitaker

The Whitaker Family

This is my first year of teaching. I have always loved math and I’m excited to share this passion with the students of Pewitt Junior High. From 2013 – 2019, I served as the minister at Naples Church of Christ in Naples, TX. Prior to this, I was the General Manager of Staples in Mount Pleasant, TX. I have been married to my wife Casey for 13 years. We have three children. The two oldest are currently enrolled at Pewitt and our youngest will begin Pre-K in the fall. We also have three dogs and two cats. In addition to math, I love music. I teach piano and guitar lessons in Omaha in the evenings. I enjoy sharing the gift of music with others. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family.


1st Period – 6th - Grade Math

2nd Period – 6th – Grade Math Honors

3rd Period – 6th – Grade Math

4th Period – Conference

5th Period – 6th - Grade Math

6th Period – 6th – Grade Math

7th Period – STEM

8th Period – 6th – Grade Math